untitled (30 of 223)Hi I’m Alyce Johnson and the found of New Stability and the host of Freelance FAQ dedicated to helping freelancers transform their businesses to achieve their income and lifestyle goals.

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I believe freelancing is a great business opportunity because:

  • Limited start-up funding is required
  • You can get started today
  • You can work as much or as little as you like
  • You can market a skill or hobby you enjoy and are already competent in
  • You can grow your business to become a profitable income stream
  • You can establish a career and build a business from your initial freelance service offering
I started my freelance business in 2011 after loosing two jobs in the space of 8 weeks. This made me rethink what I wanted from my life and my career goals. I had always been interested in business but had no experience in building my own business or even where to start. I began researching possible business opportunities with the skillset and knowledge I had from my previous jobs and freelancing become the obvious solution.

Since then I have build my business into a profitable freelance outlet allowing me to work 20-25 hours per week earning a generous income while giving me the freedom and flexibility to live a lifestyle I love.


  • Having the freedom to work where and how you want
  • Having the flexibility to work around your lifestyle
  • Having a clear plan for freelance business growth
  • The stability provided from obtaining your income from multiple sources
  • Adding value to your market


Freelance FAQ podcastSo many people think freelancing is just for creative professionals but I have learned that the business model is so much more.

I define freelancing as:

“A business started by an individual that markets a service and generally works from a remote location”

This means that freelancers have a unique set of circumstances as they grow their business to ensure they stay on track to reach their goals. This website helps freelancers avoid the common trap of working endless hours for little reward.

The business model I teach has three distinct components that directly addresses the common problems faced by both full-time and part-time freelancers:Freelancer Success Roadmap

  • Not finding a market niche enough to truly specialise.
  • Getting stuck in a discounting price war
  • Not clearly identifying suitable client requirements
  • Having too broad a service offering.
  • The stability provided from obtaining your income from multiple sources
  • Adding value to your market

See the key to becoming a SUCCESSFUL freelancer is the ability to become an expert or leader in your industry.

As a freelancers we often work by ourselves meaning we can only do a certain number of things at once while still trying to establish their foundation. If you are serious about building a successful foundation you need to follow the right process to reach your business goals.